Why I am voting below the line in this WA senate election and why you should too.

Voting above the line is a convenient way to vote, but you lose your voice in the process and leave your vote to the people running the party. If you want your voice to be heard how you want it then you have to vote below the line so you and ONLY you can decide where your vote really goes!


I am well aware that with a whopping 77 candidates in this election making the ballot paper over 1 meter long that it’s easy to fall into the trap of voting above the line as it is the more convenient option but that is exactly what the parties want you to do. If you vote below the line then you are not following a party line, you are making your voice heard in your words.


In the interest of transparency, here is how I will be voting below the line: https://mega.co.nz/#!rMlDjApJ!s-0KaL2iMwzU72n6pLQZw-aehYAIJdg_xM-3G6H6sfs


You can make your own vote card with your own preferences at http://senate.io/senate/2014/wa


Get your below the line vote sorted out, download and print out the card and take it with you to the polling booth so you can make your voice heard your way just as easily as voting above the line


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